Customer Service

We take great care in the way we look after our clients. Following the initial contact we will work in partnership with you and your printer. We will advise you on any design issues and liase with the printer on your behalf to ensure that the job runs right first time.


We can use digital files supplied by disk, e-mail, ISDN and FTP. Our skilled reprographics department use industry standard software, including Esko Deskpack, ensuring all of your requirements are met, however simple or demanding the job may be. All reprographic work is managed by our Esko BackStage workflow linked to an Esko FlexRIP.

  • Digital artwork, retouching and adjustment
  • Kodak ApprovalTM colour managed proofs
  • Full size, full colour paper proofs
  • Rapid turnaround

Digital Proofing

Waldo supply Kodak ApprovalTM digital proofs, the world's most requested digital proof, generating confidence with proofs that are virtually identical to the finished printed job. Using results obtained from your press fingerprint test we can create a set of plates that when printed will give us the correct colour information to apply to your proofs, matching your press' colour density and dot gain. For ultimate consistency our Esko FlexRIP drives both our Kodak ApprovalTM and digital plate system, ensuring predictable screened results from proof to plate.

Flexo Platemaking

The majority of plates manufactured by Waldo are produced digitally on our Creo Thermoflex system. Using digital plate means we can provide you with a consistently sharper dot on plate, achieving fantastic results even on older presses. Offering superb quality, reduced cycle times and improved process control, we can reduce our lead times resulting in lower costs and a faster turn around on your plates. If needed, our digital plates can also be supplemented by our large format analogue plate making system. For our corrugated customers we supply liquid, analogue and digital plates depending on the size and complexity of the design. We also provide a full presetting and remounting service for corrugated case printers. This is a list of the plate sizes we can produce.

  • Digital plate (47" x 40")
  • Conventional plate (80" x 52")
  • Liquid plate (50" x 30")